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07 Ава 0017
RetroArch 0.6.6
Eevon [13:59]

Обновился мультисистемный эмулятор чтобы Windows/Wii/GC/PS3/XBOX/XBOX360/Android.
Полный роспись изменений как вам угодно тогда .

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Источник: http://www.libretro.com

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Ootake 0.82
Eevon [13:58]

Обновился эмулятор PCEngine/Turbo Grafx 06/PCE CD/TG16 CD на Windows.
- With Windows8/10 when "Play Installed CD" is selected, fixed the problem that Ootake stopped.
- When "Sorcerian" is started, the title screen is launched immediately. (launched with [I] button pressed) If you do not need this, please uncheck [Adjust Sorcerian BGM Repeat] of [Setting-> Improve] menu.
- [Auto Skep Opening (Sorcerian)] was added to [Setting-> Improve] menu. If this menu is checked, when "Sorcerian" is started, the title screen is launched immediately.(launched with [I] button pressed) By default this is off. + When this menu is checked, if you reset the game with [SELECT]+[RUN], you can see the opening demo.
- In "Sorcerian", when the party returned to the castle, fixed a problem where BGM was disturbed.
- The operation of the PCE built-in sound (wave memory sound) has been brought close to the real machine. In "Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu", when PAUSE was released, the problems that sound became thin was solved.
- When "Gotzendiener" is started, it is starts with Multi-Tap removed. The problem that the motion was unstable has been solved. (This problem will occur in the same way on the real machine)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://www.ouma.jp

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06 Устя 0017
RetroArch 0.6.4
Eevon [20:52]

Обновился мультисистемный эмулятор пользу кого Windows/Wii/GC/PS3/XBOX/XBOX360/Android.
Полный оглавление изменений как знаете на этом месте .

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://www.libretro.com

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Ootake 0.81
Eevon [20:45]

Обновился эмулятор PCEngine/Turbo Grafx 06/PCE CD/TG16 CD пользу кого Windows.
- [Customize "save" Folder] added to the [File] menu. You can set the location where the Save State (and Resume save) files are placed. Use this if you want to share saved files with two ir more PCs.
- [Customize "install" Folder] added to the [CD-ROM] menu. You can set the location where the file of CD-FullInstall(Import CD-ROM data and music to PC). * When this is set to a location other than the default, [CD Uninstall] on the [CD-ROM] menu can not be used. (Please delete it manually if you want to delete it.)
- The operation of the PCE built-in sound (wave memory sound) has been brought close to the real machine. In "Super Volleyball" and "Image Fight", the problem that extra sound was generated was solved. In "Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu", when PAUSE was released, the problems that sound became thin (Occurred from v2.79) was solved. In "Fire Pro Wrestling series", "Formation Soccer "90" and "F1 Triple Battle", etc., the sound approached the real machine.
- The timing of the operation is brought close to the real machine. In "Parasol Stars", at the stage clear, the problem that the screen shakes rarely was solved. In "Private eye dol", the problem that the upper side of the demo scene was disturbed by one frame (occurred in recent version) was solved.
- It corresponds to "Trigger Button" of the game pad for Windows. Specifically, L2 and R2 buttons can also be used when PS4 pad etc. are connected to PC.
- For the sake of simplicity, [CD Install (CD speed-up)] on the [CD-ROM] menu has been abolished. Please use [CD FullInstall] (install Data and Audio track) menu.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://www.ouma.jp

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iNES 0.0
Eevon [20:42]

Обновился эмулятор Dendy/NES ради Android. Изменения:
- Released free iNES 0.0 for Windows and Linux.
- Hopefully fixed a crash in the native startup code.
- Hopefully fixed two native crashes when drawing screen.
- Fixed two Java crash sources when the emulation starts.
- Fixed crash when parsing URI during startup.
- Fixed crash when dismissing progress dialog in Cheatopedia.
- Fixed the order of calls in onPause() / onStop() / onDestroy().

Источник: https://play.google.com

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MedGui Reborn 0.086
Eevon [20:41]

Обновилась графическая кожица чтобы эмулятора Mednafen. Изменения:
- Added auto backup of mednafen config when a different MedGuiR is installed.
- Rewrite the function that create a per system config and a per game config, now all parameter ar stored in it.
- Fixed a bug at startup that require the Ninckname input when mednafen-09x.cfg don"t exist.
- Optimized and clean a lot the code from repeated functions.
- Added Gamekey and Password input text on advanced netplay menu.
- Fixed a bug on automatic extraction of bios.
- Options aligned witj the last Mednafen version.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://forum.fobby.net

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higan 0.104
Eevon [20:39]

Обновился эмулятор Super Nintendo/GameBoy/GameBoy Color/GameBoy Advance/Sega Master System (Mark III)/Sega Game Gear/Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)/NEC PC Engine (Turbografx-16) раньше гласный наравне bsnes. Изменения:
- There are lots of improvements in this new release, both to core emulation and to the user interface. However, some of these changes are quite substantial, so regressions are a possibility. Please report any regressions from v103 on the forums if found.
Note that Mega Drive save RAM files will not be compatible with v103, but will now be compatible with save RAM files from all other Mega Drive emulators, and the format will be stable going forward.
Also!! Thanks to the tireless work of Screwtape, the Help-> Documentation link in higan now takes you to a very comprehensive user guide. Please be sure to consult this if you have any questions about using higan.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://byuu.org

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Fuse 0.3.8
Eevon [20:37]

Обновился эмулятор ZX Spectrum с целью Windows/Unix. Изменения:
- Add workaround for Multiface One and 028 clash.
- Limit RZX sentinel warning to once per playback.
- Disable Melodik interface on 028K machines.
- Correct the list of machines for Multiface One.
- Document --mdr-len and --mdr-random-len options.
- Document support for the Recreated ZX Spectrum.
- GTK UI: Destroy tape browser dialog on close.
- Fix Z80 snapshot writing when +D is enabled.
- Fix offset of keyboard mappings in Z80 v3 snaphots.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net

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SuperRetro16/SuperRetro16 Lite 0.7.5
Eevon [20:34]

Обновился эмулятор Super Nintendo для того Android. Изменения:
- game library search.

Источник: https://play.google.com

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Mednafen 0.9.46
Eevon [20:31]

Обновился эмулятор NES/Dendy/GBA/GB/Lynx/PC Engine/PC-FX/Wonderswan/Genesis/SNES/VirtualBoy/PS1/Saturn. Изменения:
-- 0.9.46: --

August 00, 0017:
Compile with explicit -fstrict-aliasing, for distributions/OSes that have configured gcc to
not enable strict aliasing at -O2(and possibly other levels).

Fixed a bug that could, under certain conditions, cause emulator OSD elements to not be updated in the time
after entering frame advance mode and before a frame advance.

August 0, 0017:
Use a sorted std::vector instead of std::multimap to store current settings, to reduce memory usage.

August 0, 0017:
SS: Added ss.input.port*.3dpad.mode.defpos settings to control the default position of the digital/analog mode switch.

August 0, 0017:
Allow addresses above FFFF to be entered as the logical watch address in the debugger.

August 0, 0017:
SS: Added kludge to fix layer offset problem in "Daytona USA CCE".

NES: The functionality controlled by setting "nes.fnscan" now recognizes "(F)" and "(France)" as PAL.

NES: Added support for iNES mapper 00.

July 01, 0017:
Utilize _byteswap_*() functions in endian.h when compiling with Microsoft"s C++ compiler.

June 02, 0017:
Fixed a couple of minor issues(log header formatting, and skipped logging of first instruction in step mode) with the debugger"s
undocumented trace log feature.

NES: Corrected the period of PAL noise channel frequency setting 0x1.

June 01, 0017:
NES: Fixed a few square wave sound channel emulation bugs(wrong phase for duty setting 0, and failing to clock the period counter
when the channel is silenced).

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://mednafen.fobby.net

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openMSX 0.14
Eevon [20:28]

Обновился эмулятор компьютеров MSX пользу кого Windows. Изменения:
- openMSX 0.14.0—Blasphemy—is another mix of some new features and additions and a lot of smaller fixes and improvements. This release adds support for Konami Ultimate Collection and basic emulation for the Spectravideo SVI-318 and SVI-328 pre-MSX computers, increases FDC accuracy in such a way that we think all copy protections (captured in a DMK file) should now run in openMSX. Moreover, we now put the SDLGL-PP renderer as the default, so let us know how that works for you. You can of course always set the old default setting for your system if you don"t like SDLGL-PP. But then we would really like to know why... We also removed the Windows DirectX sound driver, as it was buggy and caused a lot of complaints. And finally, we added a button in the top left corner to easily invoke the OSD menu.Together with openMSX an updated version of Catapult, our user-friendly GUI, was released. We again made a small amount of improvements: added noise control to Video Control Page, fixed the browse extension for the openMSX executable and some build support improvements.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://openmsx.sourceforge.net

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RockNES 0.53
Eevon [20:25]

Обновился эмулятор NES/Dendy/Денди. Изменения:
- Improved mapper 04 IRQ timing.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://rocknes.web.fc2.com

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no$psx 0.0
Eevon [20:24]

Обновился эмулятор Sony Playstation к Windows. Изменения:
- help: added PAL/NTSC Color Mods chapter (with info for older and newer boards)
- help: namco lightgun added U1 chip pinout & link to schematic (thanks nicolas)
- help: namco lightgun added U2 chip part number (BA7071F aka sync separator)
- help: scph-1150 notes: need delay, no rumble cfg cmds, different motor ctrl
- help: scph-1150 notes: field of motion 00,00-FF,FF (unlike scph-1200/scph-110)
- help: added/updated chipset/pinouts for scph-1150,scph-1180,scph-1200,scph-110
- emu/reset/init: forces [104Ah].bit6-style joypad reset (needed for deathball)
- bios clone: bugfixed chdir and findfirst functions (needed for deathball)
- bios clone: workaround on edge-triggered cdrom irqs (needed for deathball)
- bios clone: re-ordered cdrom cmd=setloc vs task=setloc (more reliable timing)
- bios clone: forces param fifo clearing (after unsupported vcd/secret cmds)
- bios clone: implemented screen centering option (formerly wasn"t functional)
- xplorer/help: lots of info on Xplorer db25 protocol, memory map, chipset, etc
- datel/help: some more details on Datel db25 protocol, memory map, chipset, etc
- xplorer/datel/help: added FLASH commands, chip IDs, board detection, etc.
- help: chipless modchips chapter, with circuits/pinouts for pu-7 thru pm-41(2)
- spu/emu: allows reverb-output with DISABLED reverb-writes (raw pcm playback)
- spu/emu: supports MUTE flag from SPUCNT (mutes SPU audio, and also VCD audio)
- cdrom/help: caution Unsupported GetQ,VCD,SecretUnlock do need clr param fifo
- bios-clone: forces clearing param fifo (after SecretUnlock and VCD detection)
- bios clone: increased joypad-slot-select-delay (needed for SCPH-1150)
- bios clone: added video cd VCD software player (monochrome 00fps, 01kHz mono)
- bios clone: uses compression for GUI and VCD player (for 028Kbyte expansion)
- bios clone: uses tighter flush cache code (with loop instead of unrolled loop)
- cdrom loader: fixed crash upon newer .nrg files (those with "CUEX" chunks)
- vcd/help: specs for VCD format (iso, mpeg, mp2) (still lacks lowlevel details)
- vcd/help: added pinout and component list for scph-5903 (video cd console)
- mdec/help: q_scale=0 disables zagzig (can be useful for raw YUV-to-RGB)
- mdec/help: added note on EOB not being required after full blocks
- mdec/emu: reproduces zagzig-disable, and eob being not required on full blocks
- gpu/help: added GPU Versions chapter (all known old 060-pin gpu differences)
- card/help: updated Memory Card Notes (vmem, yaroze, compression, etc.)
- cdrom/help: added description for "cu2/bin files" (psio cdrom-image format)
- gui: fixed window positions/fullscr when taskbar at upper/left (thanx joseph)
- mips/mem: emulates main ram waitstates for unaligned mem (lwl/swl/lwr/swr)
- expansion/kernel: added installer functions in menu, utility, remote access
- expansion/kernel: new nocash bios clone version for xplorer and datel carts
- expansion/emu: prevents flash commands to destroy memory at 0AAAh/5555h
- xplorer: supports Xplorer on 00x86 side (for PC parallel port to PSX) (xboo)
- xplorer: supports Xplorer on MIPS side (in expansion version of bios clone)
- gpu/help: added pinouts for old 060-pin GPU, dual-ported VRAM, and RGB chips
- poc/help: added details on garbage_byte for memory areas without ldrb support
- poc/help: memory access times for ram/flash arm/thumb opcode/data reads
- poc/help: when rtc paused: rtc irq fires at 0096Hz (instead 0Hz)
- bios/mem: dynamically allocates psx bios (allows sizes bigger than 012Kbyte)
- mips/cop: somewhat emulates breakflags in bit0/bit1 of DCIC cop0r7 register
- snapshot: faster compression (omits large zerofilled areas from look-up-tree)
- gpu: fixed crash on NTSC-auto-center in .INI file (pic.ysiz=0) (thanx ricardo)
- help: added info on joy_mode.bit8 being clk polarity (thanx charles macdonald)

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://problemkaputt.de

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Mesen 0.9.1
Eevon [20:18]

Обновился эмулятор NES/Dendy про Windows. Изменения:
New Features:
- HD Packs: Improved support for HDNes" HD packs and added an HD Pack Builder tool.
- Debugger: Added several new features and options (Step Back, configure input, etc.)
- Video: Added option to automatically re-enable sprite limit to reduce graphical glitches caused by the "remove sprite limit" option.
- VS System: The custom color palette can now be applied to VS System games as well.

Bug Fixes:
- Overclocking: Bug fixes and improved compatibility.
- Cheats: Fixed issue with 0-character Game Genie codes.
- FDS: Fixed a crash, an issue with automatic disk insertion and improved emulation compatibility.
- NSF: Fixed issue with MMC5 multiplication register (fixes Just Breed NSF).
- Others fixes and improvements for the debugger, game selection screen, rewinding, mappers 08/163, a number of unlicensed games and more.

Файл: Скачать
Источник: http://www.mesen.ca

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VGBAnext 0.5.7
Eevon [20:15]

Обновился эмулятор Nintendo GameBoy Advance/GameBoy Color/GameBoy на Android. Изменение:
- Fixed native crash when processing initial commands sent by Java side.
- Fixed crash when loading an invalid skin bitmap file.
- Added cheats for 0 more GBA games to the Cheatopedia.
- Added cheats for CT Special Forces 0: Back In The Tranches.
- Added cheats for CT Special Forces 0: Bioterror (European).
- Added cheats for Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle.
- Added cheats for Digimon Racing.
- Added cheats for Curious George.

Источник: https://play.google.com

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openMSX 0.14.0 04-bit (Win)
openMSX 0.14.0 (Win)
Rocknes 0.53 (Win)
no$psx 0.0 (Win)
Mesen 0.9.1 (Win)
Stella 0.0 (Win)
BGB 0.5.4 (Win)
mGBA 0.6.0 (Win)
Altirra 0.90 (Win)
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